26 June, Wednesday, 2019

Developing Research Projects and Thesis Writing


Aim: In this course, students will understand how to develop research projects with scientifically correct manner and the way of writing the Master Thesis.


Learning Objectives

  • Understanding of social science frameworks for social scientific research
  • Understand the various methods for conducting empirical research
  • Consideration of trends and patterns in the use of various research methods
  • Analysis and evaluation of important research terms, concepts and techniques
  • Formulate informed views on the value of empirical research
  • Assessment of the benefits of applied research


After the completion of the course, the student will be able to:

  • Development of analytical thinking skills of the student through comparison and contrast in the application of theories and concepts in social problems.
  • Strengthen programming skills of the student through analysis, discussions, examinations and other requirements have been assigned.
  • Use of historical perspective that helps the student to understand the evolutionary development over time.
  • Understand the scientific method through research requirements and detailed case studies.
  • Improving the skills of social behavior and understanding of human behavior through the examination of its impact on the legal and social systems on individuals.
  • Increased student awareness of cultural and multicultural issues through the study of how social problems and social movements relating to and affecting minority groups.
  • Preparation of a more advanced examination of criminal justice / homeland security.


Course Outline