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About MSc


”MSc in Water Resources of the Mediterranean- Postgraduate Diploma in Management of Water Resources in the Mediterranean”

The objective of this Postgraduate program is the Management of Water Resources in the Mediterranean climate.



The aim of this MSc (Postgraduate Studies) is the management and policies of Water Resources in the Mediterranean under Conditions of Water Scarcity. The main objective of the MSc is to provide education and knowledge on issues such as: Water Conservation, Quality Control of Water, Water Law and Policy, Sustainability in Urban and Suburban Areas in conditions of Water Scarcity, etc.


Type of postgraduate degree awarded

The program leads to a Master (MSc) in Management of Water Resources in the Mediterranean (Water Resources of the Mediterranean).


The categories of graduates accepted

Undergraduates from programs of the Department of Forestry and Environmental Management of EMATTECH are aimed primarily, but not exclusively, postgraduate Universities of Geotechnical and Environmental Sciences and generally undergraduates from Universities of Science, Engineering, Economics and related disciplines Universities domestic and / or recognized equivalent institutions abroad.


The duration for the MSc

The duration for the award of the M.Sc. in this particular program is three (3) semesters of which the third is for the preparation of the Master thesis.


Teaching and Research Employment of Postgraduate Students

Graduate students may, after graduation, following a decision of the Special General Assembly of the Department and of the Steering Committee, assist teachers of the Department in tutorials and workshops of the curriculum, and participate in research projects and programs on the scientific the object.


Practical Exercises

During the MSc, beside the theoretical lectures, practical and laboratory exercises with research technology equipment, presentations and visits to related workspaces are made.

Number of graduate students, possibilities and needs of the Department staff and logistical infrastructure for the smooth operation of the MSc

The number of students enrolled each academic year in the postgraduate program is specified up to a maximum of thirty five (35) students.

Furthermore, apart from the number of students admitted each academic year, the MSC program also award scholarships holders.

The needs and possibilities of the Department in personnel, material and technical infrastructure

The MSc Program operates on the premises of the Department of Forestry and Environmental Management of the EMATECH with the existing infrastructure which includes high-tech equipment and explicit laboratories.