27 February, Tuesday, 2024

Dear future students,

In the premises of the Department of Forestry and Natural Environment Management, Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology (EMATECH), operates with great success since 2012, a truly innovative and unique of its kind MSc program entitled: “Management of Water Resources in the Mediterranean”.

Innovative because of the teaching methods that incorporates with the most modern equipment and techniques, using the most sophisticated tools ; unique because there is no other similar MSc globally focusing on Water Management, in conditions of water scarcity (drought conditions).

Beside the the above mentioned, it can also be noted that the students come in contact with their field of expertise in Real Time Conditions practising in outdoor Greek environment, but also in other Arid and Semi-Arid Countries (eg Spain), during educational trips partially subsidized, which is certainly an added value to the whole perception of the completeness of the education process. The educational trips will take place provided that student's participation is acceptable.  

Such an MSc could only be fully harmonized with an International Scientific and Academic Environment.

For this reason, all courses are offered by distinguished Greek, European and American UniversityAcademic Staff.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that cooperation agreements (Memoranda of Understanding) have been signed between Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology (EMATECH) and other Institutions and Organizations in Europe, USA, Asia and Africa in matters on Water Management, give the opportunity, with the assistance of the MSc Direction, to those who wish to proceed to further studies (PhD), after completing their MSc studies, in these International cooperating Institutions.

Additionally, the Directorate of the MSc offers an annual scholarship to the USA in relative to the MSc fields of expertise to the first graduate student.

Dear future students,

Having read this introductory note, we believe that both the study environment and the opportunities presented through this MSc Programme are clearly presented We will expect your application, wishing to integrate you to our growing “family”. To submit an application in pdf format please click here.




Prof. D. Emmanouloudis